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The Site Engineering Guides and other resources written and developed by Andrew Burgess the owner of AJB Setting Out Limited are hoped will prove useful for both those beginning their careers and those already practicing as Site/Setting-Out Engineers within the construction industry as an aide-memoire

These resources are protected by United Kingdom and International Copyright laws and may not be used, other than for non-profit educational purposes, without the express written permission of Andrew Burgess.

All files are in pdf format, requiring Abode Acrobat Reader to view and shared using dropbox.



Site Engineering Guide (SEG):

Written for both those beginning there careers or just wanting to refresh there memory.




Skills, Competencies & Techniques:



Quality Assurance Checklists: (Knowledge Management Based)

Designed to prompt and inform the user to what they should be inspecting.

Whilst minimising the amount of repetitive ticking and intialling of boxes


Reduced Level Excavation 

Concrete Works 



Insitu Concrete Encasement 

Under Slab Membranes 

Ground Floor Slabs 

Metal Decking Slabs

Pre-cast Planks/Structural Topping

Pile Caps & Ground Beams 

PCC Ground Beams 

Structural Steelwork

PCC Lift Shaft

Edgings, Kerbs & Surfacing - New




Useful Templates and Standard Forms:




Site Engineering




SEG: Best Practice:

One page posters featuring bad practise, common issues and discussion points



Site Engineering: Miscellaneous Items





Advice for those who are considering a career in land surveying or engineering, gives examples of the wide range of projects and you could find yourself involved with.

Ordnance Survey, the UK's mapping establishment

A UK based website offering materials for download such as Excel calculators and also a forum to discuss engineering and surveying related problems

A US based forum which covers Land Surveying and Boundary Surveying, also able to discuss your technical and surveying related problems

Your Other Left is a US comic developed by a Professional Land Surveyor that attempts to make light of what may be otherwise serious occurences that surveyors experience daily and is brought to you by the same people as Surveyor Connect.

The manufacturer and creator of a reuseable and versatile alternative to the traditional timber constructed profiles and batter boards. A list of distributors is also available.