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The ingress of mud into site welfare accommodation prematurely wears floor coverings, can create a negative image of the site, site team and the construction industry, and has the potential for increased slips trips and falls.

At a time when sites are continuously improving and elevating standards across the projects and the industry.

AJB Setting Out have been involved in the hire and manufacture of Bootwashes since 2013, and over the years have been continually improving and developing our product base to solve the needs of our customers.

We currently operate a small hire fleet of 2 and 3 Operative bootwashes all featuring water fed handheld brushes and

Two/Three Operative Bootwash:

  • Unit Size: 1270mm Long x 500mm Deep x 1110 High
  • Approximately 75 kg
  • Fork Tunnels for offload/transport if required
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Multiple units can be linked to form 6 operative if required however will be two separate connections
  • 3 water fed brushes on security wires
  • Galvanised grate – bolted in position for security and ease in transport
  • 100mm water with threaded cap
  • Pegler values operation of brushes – operative can control flow- aid in water waste
  • Fed from a hose connection supplied with a brass hose quick adaptor – can be easily disconnected to avoid frost damage in winter conditions
  • Unit Size: 1270mm Long x 500mm Deep x 1110 High
  • Approximately 75 kg

Recycling Unit:

With a compact footprint measuring 500mm x 500mm this unit is perfect for smaller sites or those struggling with space around the site welfare but is still large enough to cope with the demands of site, assisting in managing and avoiding the issue of muddy footwear contaminating the site welfare accommodation

  • Unit Size 500mm Long x 500mm Deep x 1110 High
  • Approximately 40 kg
  • First recycling bootwash on the market that does not require a power supply to operate, the pump mechanism is powered solely by the user
  • Reduced running cost and environmentally friendly, no wasting of water.
  • Not as prone to damage from frost.
  • Compact size and weight – can be easily transported on a sack truck and will pass through single doorways or pedestrian gates.
  • Fork Tunnels for offload/transport if required
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Removable galvanised grate for easy cleaning of silt and maintenance
  • 50mm ball valve drain outlet
  • Heavy Duty Hand pump connected to Heavy Duty PVC hose with water fed hand brush


If you are interested in more details or wish to discuss your individual project requirements further, use our contact page to get in touch here



Vibration caused during construction and demolition can have a significant impact on the surrounding environment to a project. Local Authorities and neighbours are becoming are becoming more and more focussed and concerned and so the need to monitor vibration, to control and reduce their impacts and is more fundamental.

AJB Setting Out Ltd offer remote monitoring solution that provides simultaneous PPV and VDV measurements in accordance with UK measurement standards (BS5228-2, BS7385-2 & BS6472-1)

The solution has been tested for compliance with DIN45669-1:2010, SBR-A and fully CE Marked. 

Each monitor is calibrated and tested by the manufacturer, all equipment is fully traceable and certification supplied.


The monitor is simply installed either on a base plate as or alternatively can be fixed to a structure. Connected to a power supply either hardwired or a battery and once switched on automatically connects to the cloud based platform. Site teams can access the cloud based platform to view the monitoring in real-time if required.


Alerts and Reporting:

The Solution from AJB Setting Out Ltd is completely self sufficient and can be monitored remotely using the 4G connection and cloud based platform. Settings for alerts and frequency of observations can all be adjusted remotely using the platform, for instance if working hours should change or weekend working is required.

SMS Alerts and Emails for Vtop (PPV) and Atop (PPA) can be set up for several points of contacts and reports can automatically be generated and emailed on a weekly basis for site records, environmental reporting or to satisfy project stake holders.


If you are interested in more details or wish to discuss your individual project requirements further, use our contact page to get in touch here

Instrument Hire:   

All instruments are regularly calibrated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers tolerances and specification, in accordance with the laboratory accreditation requirements of both the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and ISO 17025.
 Topcon Hiper SR: Network GPS Rover
 Topcon RL-H4C: Rotating Laser Level
 Topcon RL-SV2S: Dual Grade Rotating Laser
 Geo Fennel FM 706: Machine Control Laser Receiver
Spectra Precision: Millimeter Laser Receiver
C Scope DXL4 (Cable Avoidance Tool) and SGV4 (Signal Generator
 33 Hz Drain/Duct Sonde