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AJB Setting Out Limited has invested in equipment and now owns and operates a Topcon Robotic Total Station and Field Controller, the advantages of operating a Robotic Total Station means that there is no requirement for an assistant to complete setting out tasks and surveying and can yield increases in productivity and efficiency.

All instruments are regularly calibrated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers tolerances and specification, in accordance with the laboratory accreditation requirements of both the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and ISO 17025. Calibration certificates are available on request and presented at the time of site induction.


Topcon DS-105AC+: Robotic Total Station & FC-5000 Field Controller

  • Angular Accuracy 5"
  • 5000m Prism Range
  • 800m Reflectorless Range
  • 300m Communication Range
  • IP65 Rating

 Topcon Hiper SR: Network GPS Rover

  • Able to withstand 2m pole drop
  • Features Topcon Fence Antenna and Longlink Technology

 Topcon AT-B4: Automatic Level

  • 24x Magnification
  • 2.0mm accuracy based on 1km double run levelling
  • IPX6 Rating

 Topcon RL-H4C: Rotating Laser Level

  • 800m working range
  • 1.5mm accuracy at 30m
  • IP66 rating

 Topcon RL-SV2S: Dual Grade Rotating Laser

  • +/- 15% dual grade
  • IP66 Rating

  Geo Fennel FM 706: Machine Control Laser Receiver

  • 360o Reception Radius
  • 200m working range
  • Accuracy High: +/- 2mm to +/- 10mm
  • Accuracy Low: +/-5mm to +/- 23mm
  • IP66 rating

  Full Traverse Kit


  C Scope DXL4 (Cable Avoidance Tool) and SGV4 (Signal Generator)

  • Data logging
  • C Scope AlarmZone TM for short length cables, small diameter and non earthed cables
  • Continuous Signal Generation: 33 Hz and 131 Hz
  • Depth reading when used with Signal Generator

 33 Hz Drain/Duct Sonde

  • 38mm Diameter
  • 130mm Long
  • Waterproof
  • AA Battery Power Supply
  • Working depth of 5m

Topcon Magnet Office Topo Software

  • Preparation of Setting Out information, by calculations and drawing interrogation
  • Calculation of Volumes from surfaces and stockpiles
  • Drawings and Survey presentation
  Range of specialist accessories to accompany all equipment